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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The bleak economic fate of Europe is where left-liberalism wants to take the U.S.

The We're-Not-Europe Party
The bill comes due for a life of fairness at the expense of growth.
(Wall Street Journal) -- By Dan Henninger

One of the constant criticisms of Barack Obama's first year is that he's making us "more like Europe." But that's hard to define and lacks broad political appeal. Until now.

Any U.S. politician purporting to run the presidency of the United States should be asked why the economic policies he or she is proposing won't take us where Europe arrived this week.

In an astounding moment, to avoid the failure of little, indulgent, profligate Greece, the European Union this week pledged nearly $1 trillion to inject green blood into Europe's economic vampires.

For Americans, this has been a two-week cram course in what not to be if you hope to have a vibrant future. What was once an unfocused criticism of Mr. Obama and the Democrats, that they are nudging America toward a European-style social-market economy, came to awful life in the panicked, stricken faces of Europe's leadership: Merkel, Sarkozy, Brown, Papandreou. They look like that because Europe has just seen the bond-market devil.

The bond market is a good bargain—if you live more or less within your means. The Europeans, however, pushed a good bargain into a Faustian bargain, which the world calls a sovereign debt crisis.

In the German legend, Faust was a scholar who sold his soul to the devil many years hence in return for a life now of intellectual brilliance and physical comfort. In our version of the legend, Europe's governments told the devil that, more than anything, they wanted a life of social protection and income fairness no matter the cost. Life was good. A fortnight ago, the bond devil arrived and asked for his money.

In the U.S., the Obama White House and the Democrats have decided to wage politics into November by positioning the Republicans as the party of obstruction, which won't vote for things the nation "needs," such as ObamaCare. Some Republicans voting against these proposals seem to understand, as do their most ardent supporters, that they are opposing such ideas and policies because the Democrats have pushed far beyond the traditional centrist comfort zone of most Americans. A Democratic Party whose current budget takes U.S. spending from a recent average of about 21% of GDP up to 25% is outside that comfort zone. It's headed toward the euro zone...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Rupert Murdoch's Keynesian-backing Wall Street Journal, with its support for corrupt bankster Wall Street bailouts, and the war-profiteering complex, both of which amount to a massive taxpayer wealth-transfer to an international Corporatist elite that couldn't care less about the fate Americans, is hardly in a position to complain about the welfare state. On the other hand, the left-liberals, whose massive spending also requires Keynesian wealth-transfers which also inevitably result in strife, conflict and ultimately war, are no better.

On top of that, Europe would have never been able to construct its now-collapsing welfare state if America hadn't been essentially paying for its defense these many decades. And the militaristic, Zionist-authoritarian Wall Street Journal was all for that as well because it wanted to keep Europe under international capital's thumb.

When it comes to Statism and atheistic materialism, bigger isn't always better, a lesson these post-Christian, State-worshipping leftists and money-worshipping right-wingers seem incapable of learning. Why? Because instead of letting the marketplace of ideas and religion rule out, they want to rig the game for their own benefit.

Right or Left, the corrupt Keynesian establishment is the enemy of peace, prosperity and any kind of a positive future.

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