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Friday, July 01, 2011

Gay marriage in New York signals impending triumph of cultural Marxism and liberal fascist, tyranny of the minority in U.S.

The Death of Moral Community

(The American Conservative) -- by Patrick J. Buchanan

“The opponents (of same-sex marriage) have no case other than ignorance and misconception and prejudice.”

So writes Richard Cohen in his celebratory column about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s role in legalizing gay marriage in New York state.

Now, given that no nation in 20 centuries of Christendom legalized homosexual marriage, and, in this century, majorities in all 31 states where it has been on the ballot have rejected it, Cohen is pretty much saying that, since the time of Christ, Western history has been an endless Dark Age dominated by moral ignoramuses and bigots.

For the belief that homosexuality is unnatural and immoral and same-sex marriage an Orwellian absurdity has always been part of the moral code of Christianity. Gen. George Washington ordered active homosexuals drummed out of his army. Thomas Jefferson equated homosexuality with rape. Not until 2003 did the Supreme Court declare homosexual acts a protected right.

What is the moral basis of the argument that homosexuality is normal, natural and healthy? In recent years, it has been associated with high levels of AIDS and enteric diseases, and from obits in gay newspapers, early death. Where is the successful society where homosexual marriage was normal?
Not until the Stonewall riots at a gay bar in Greenwich Village in 1969 was the case broadly made by anyone but the Mattachines of Frank Kameny that homosexuality deserved to be treated as a natural and normal expression of love.

Still, Cohen is not without a point when he uses the term “prejudice.”

As Albert Einstein observed, “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18.” By 14, most boys have learned on the playground there is something disordered about boys sexually attracted to other boys.

Hence the need for politically correct universities to purge such ideas from young minds and indoctrinate them in the new truths of modernity...

In 2012, we shall find out who is right politically, when the issue goes on the ballot in battleground states. But is moral truth to be discovered at a ballot box? Do we have no superior moral compass than majority rule?

“A new kind of America is emerging in the early 21st century,” said Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver last week, “and it’s likely to be much less friendly to religious faith than anything in the nation’s past.”

He added, pointedly, “If Catholic social services should be forced to alter their Catholic beliefs on marriage, the family, social justice, sexuality (and) abortion,” they should terminate those services.

Prediction: We are entering an era where communities will secede from one another and civil disobedience on moral grounds will become as common as it was in the days of segregation...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The ugly truth is that much homosexuality arises out of a culture of what the English call “buggering” — what Americans call rape or molestation.

Those that come from a culture of buggering (and its not just the English, but other tightly-knit, particularistic, self-obsessed peoples or institutions) are more likely to produce disproportionately large numbers of homosexuals.

So really, what this gay marriage is all about is “normalizing” this culture of buggering or molestation, and enabling its perverts and perpetrators — and like so many other perverse, Orwellian agendas, its all being advanced under the guise of “tolerance” and “progress.”

Sorry, but I don’t consider normalizing a culture of buggering to be progressive, but rather regressive and downright sick.


It seems the lower the country falls morally, culturally, economically, and socially, the more power very narrow subsets of deviants comprising a tiny percentage of the total population attain, and the more the tail wags the dog.

First presumptions of Christian moral authority were overthrown (by fiat of infiltrated government and media), then presumptions of Constitutionalism (by fiat of infiltrated government and media), now presumptions of heterosexual marriage.

And when the country finally goes down for the count from insurmountable debt, death from a thousand cuts, the fact that liberal fascism is insane and unworkable, and the fact that the Parasite Class can neither produce nor govern without devouring the foundations of the host, where do all these married homosexuals intend to flee?

Oh, that’s right, utopia is going to rise from the ashes, so they won’t need to “flee” anywhere.

And isn’t that where they said Soviet Union would end, a “worker’s paradise,” a kind of utopia? How’d that work out for the tens of millions murdered by Communism before the final collapse?

It seems cultural Marxism and liberal fascist tyranny of the minority is now on the cusp of prevailing in America, too.

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