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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Threatened by his pro-peace, small government, anti-Fed fiat Ponzi scheme campaign, lefties and neolibs join neocon smears of Ron Paul as "extreme"

Concerned About Dem Support for Ron Paul, HuffPo Ties Birch Society to Paul

(The New American) -- by Thomas R. Eddlem --

As the leading left-wing website, some parts of the Huffington Post are becoming concerned that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's message of peace may draw large numbers of Democratic votes.

"Rep. Paul's ideas are so extreme that no sensible voter would give him a second look if it wasn't for the Uncle Fuzzy persona," HuffPo columnist Andrew Reinbach warned his readers in a July 5 article entitled "President Ron Paul? Ron Paul and the John Birch Society." Reinbach then listed some of Rep. Ron Paul's substantial economic libertarian and constitutionalist credentials.

How extreme is Ron Paul? Well, Reinbach claims he's "a very close ally" of The John Birch Society. Reinbach asks: "Where did Rep. Paul get these ideas? Well, mostly from the seed bank of the John Birch Society. While he's not a member, he's been close to it since at least the 1970s."


The genesis of this kind of left-wing partisan alarmism, in a column that straddles the gap between comedy and tedium, is a burgeoning movement among peace-loving Democrats and liberals of the Dennis Kucinich stripe who are flirting with voting for Ron Paul in 2012, even at liberal-dom's Web flagship, the Huffington Post. In another HuffPo column, Robin Koerner, after the obligatory (and entirely justified) Bush-bashing, made the case for Democrats and leftists to support Ron Paul in a July 7 column entitled "If You Love Peace, Become a 'Blue Republican' (Just for a Year)":
Obama 1) conducts wars against countries that do not threaten us (e.g. Libya, Yemen, etc.), 2) oversees large financial benefits to companies with which those in his administration were close (e.g. Goldman Sachs), 3) supports the legal framework for riding roughshod over the liberties of private individuals who are not suspected of crime (e.g. Patriot Act), and 4) is growing a massive federal apparatus to carry out such intrusions on innocent Americans in what is becoming a police state (e.g. domestic wiretapping, TSA etc.).... I'm having difficulty seeing how a Democrat who voted for Obama (whom I supported) for the right reasons in 2008 can in good conscience do so again given that there is another candidate who has been consistent in his opposition to all of these things — not just in words but in deeds.
A new "Democrats for Ron Paul" Facebook page has even been created, in part as a reaction to Obama not fulfilling his promises as the peace candidate in 2008. So perhaps it's not surprising that the alarm bells are ringing in the partisan halls of the Huffington Post with the command to destroy Ron Paul.

Naturally, the first step in the smear process is to call up Chip Berlet of the Cambridge, Massachusetts, Political Research Associates: "'Ron Paul may not be a member of the John Birch Society, but you need a micrometer to tell them apart,' says Chip Berlet, a senior analyst at Political Research Associates who's been tracking the JBS and other right wing groups for years." Of course, the John Birch Society's motto is "less government, more responsibility, and — with God's help — a better world." And Ron Paul believes in God, less government and more personal responsibility. So the two must be allied.

Step two is to seek multiple gains in the smear by trying to stigmatize the entire Tea Party movement by linking it to the "bad" group, in this case The John Birch Society...MORE...LINK

Organized Jewry essentially owns the Democratic Party at the national level and has taken control of large components of U.S. left-liberalism

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