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Friday, July 29, 2011

White nationalists stupidly fancy aspects of Breivik's stand; they're being nearly as ignorant and short-sighted as the multiculturalists they hate

(By Chris Moore, -- The White consciousness/nationalist set over at Occidental Observer has had some somewhat flattering assessments of Anders Breivik (if not his murderous actions) in the days since he undertook his terrorist assault. They’re mostly of the flavor of this guy had some rational grievances and was seriously ballsy to do what he did as opposed to any kind of formal approval, but there is an unquestionable air of…admiration?…respect?…sympathy?…in the flavor of the articles and comments.

Here are some of the headlines with links to the articles and comments:

Anders Breivik as a Nordicist

Breivik: Imposing Costs on Multicultural

Breivik: Sending a message to the elites

The first and second articles above were written by Califronia State Long Beach Psychology professor Kevin McDonald, who is the proprietor of Occidental Observer, and also wrote a third article (The Political Ideas of Anders Behring Breivik) that has led to silly, censorious demands by Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson that "California State University Board of Trustees President Herbert L. Carter and the entire Board of Trustees condemn" MacDonald.

As someone who also recognizes multiculturalism is not what it purports to be, which is a kind of neutral “why can’t we all get along” ethno-ecumenicalism, but is rather a dangerous, murderous racket that seeks to divide rather than unite, that seeks tribalism and conflict instead of melting pot assimilation into Western values, I too have sympathy for opposition to multiculturalism. And yet, I consider Breivik a stupid psycho and, like many of the White advocates over at Occidental Observer, ultimately ineffective in the battle against the Trojan horse for authoritarian leftism that multiculturalism represents.

Indeed, ethnically conscious Whites (including the foolish and irrational Breiviks of the world) have more problems than they know in dealing with the multiculturalism-centered forces converging against them, for the following reasons:

1) Both state-capitalism and corporatist-capitalism, which have synthesized into liberal fascism (mostly controlled by Zionist Jewry and ambitious, greedy, cutthroat Whites) are on the side of massive immigration to fill their respective government and corporatist coffers by filling out their "markets" to their maximum potential. They have put multiculturalists in charge of arranging and greasing the skids for this open borders agenda, and masking its impact on the West. (Stupid psycho Breivik thus only went after the left half of the larger liberal fascist problem, and did so in a stupid and immoral way.)

2) Some Whites think they can follow the Zionist model to preserve their tribe, and hence become Zionist-Jewry lite Judeophiles (as apparently did stupid psycho Breivik, a staunch supporter of Zionism); hence they promote one wing of the very organized Jewish Zionist elite that is secretly hell bent on cutting their throats.

3) Jewish Zionists, and their White liberal fascist and Judeo-Christian Zionist paramours are also hell bent on bombing Islamic nations into oblivion, which drives huge numbers of Muslim refugees north, (stupid psycho Breivik approvingly cites all manner of neocon doctrine and its warlike, Muslim-bombing agenda), even as they claim anguish over the fact that these Muslim refugees are settting up shop in the West. This is literally insane, and Breivik's naked insanity is right in line with the insane policies of Zionists and liberal fascists.

4) Because post-WWWII Whites have not cultivated and protected what I would describe as the Greco-Christian, Western civilization model, identity and geist, and have instead succumbed to hyper-materialism, Jewish Zionist-like, shallow nationalist conceit and particularism (e.g. the neocon pied-pipers flattery of the U.S. as “the indispensable nation“), and money-worship, they are today more than willing to sell out the traditional peoples of their own civilization to Zionist Jewry and the liberal fascist agenda to serve their own narrow, short-sighted economic interests. Additonally this post-Christian, neo-Western, hyper-materialist model has made them unwilling to have large families or unable to afford families at all, or increasingly hostile to their own families and peoples as a pain in the ass “expense” (stupid psycho Breivik didn’t address how right-wing White narcissism, greed and fascism is as corrosive as cynical, left-wing, statist-racket greed revolving around the Marxist swindle, and equally hostile to the concept of Western civilization).

Hence, because tribal White nationalists don’t recognize the seeds of their own demise are in the very (narrow) world view to which they subscribe, they are never going to be able to defeat all of these forces, which have unquestionably been engineered by far more clever and Machiavellian minds; indeed, unlike organized Jewry’s expansive Machiavellian tribalism, White nationalist porcupine-like tribalism works against its own interests.

Western civilization and its White beneficiaries (and that’s what we are, not some “chosen” race in the Jewish mold as some Whites like to fancy themselves) are only going to be saved country by country working together towards a larger civilizational identity and consciousness, or not at all.

I’m not saying tribal racialist Whites following the Zionist model or one like it will disappear altogether, but they will cease to exist as a civilization and instead exist as warped, scheming, hyper-materialistic, money-grubbing parasites on whatever God-forsaken, perpetually-warring, multicultural tribal amalgamation prevails, and at the pleasure and mercy of the ruling multicultural-managing elites (including more than a few representatives of racist Zionist Jewry and its culture that cultivates murderous grudges and hatred of the goyim in general, and the White goyim in particular).

On the other hand, if Whites have become too narcissistic, self-absorbed and greedy to appreciate the fact that they are the beneficiaries of the most evolved, sublime and morally, ethically and technologically advanced civilization in the history of man with the Greco-Christian Western tradition, and fail as its caretakers, then maybe they deserve their fate.


Judeo-Christian Zionism’s once-feigned Judeophilia has become fact. Breivik embraced neocon doctrine, other than the fact that he acknowledges large percentages of Jews are nation-wreckers. For this reason, he probably wants most Jews out, but if that was his primary imperative, he would not have embraced neocon doctrine.

Maybe Christian Zionists once harbored secret desires to get the Jews out, but once Jewry penetrated so deeply into the American hierarchy, they threw in the towel and basically concluded, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

Maybe Breivik fantasized that Judeo-Christian Zionist Whites would eventually turn on the Jews after dealing with the Muslims, but the Zionist disease has already spread too deeply into the Judeo-Christian Zionist marrow for this to ever happen.

For all their posing, these people are no longer even Christians, and neither, obviously, is Breivik.

I believe he is where neocon Judeo-Christian Zionism leads — repression and insanity, and too gutless to go after the real malefactors way down underneath the piles, and deep down knowing it.

Breivik should have become anti-Jewish. It might have saved his sanity and prevented all that bloodshed.


Anonymous said...

Chris, you’re right on the mark – as usual – with this article. I must say that it’s such a relief to hear a voice such as yours on the comments thread at the TOO blog . You see the big picture. You get it. It’s sad that so many others don’t or won't.

And I admire your persistent determination to inject a voice of reason and depth on the racial and political issues we as White people face on TOO. I think the current state of TOO can best be described by the following adage : ’ In the land of the blind the one-eyed man (Kevin MacDonald ) is king’. I think “stupid psycho Brevik” / Oslo massacre has brought to light the kind of narrow minded, depraved wretches that website attracts. Most of them come off as blood thirsty , desperate , ignorant and morally depraved.

I just want you to know that your voice has not totally fallen on deaf ears over at the TOO blog. I'm listening…I am LISTENING. And thank you sir for what you do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Breivik fantasized that Judeo-Christian Zionist Whites would eventually turn on the Jews after dealing with the Muslims

Look at this photo of Brevik , , look at the blood lust in his eyes. I think this egomaniacal madman really believes he’s a sort of messiah. In his twisted, deranged psyche he may very well be thinking that in the imminent future Judeo-Christian Zionist Whites will revolt and overthrow the country’s government , soon after which the divine Breivik will be set free from the confines of imprisonment. Hailed as a messiah, a savior to all Judeo-Christian Zionists. Praised throughout Europe by masses of Judeo-Christian Zionist sheeple.

Anonymous said...

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