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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prominent American neocons and their warmongering tracts influenced, inspired accused Norwegian terrorist

Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S.

(New York Times) -- by Scott Shane --

The man accused of the killing spree in Norway was deeply influenced by a small group of American bloggers and writers who have warned for years about the threat from Islam, lacing his 1,500-page manifesto with quotations from them, as well as copying multiple passages from the tract of the Unabomber.

In the document he posted online, Anders Behring Breivik, who is accused of bombing government buildings and killing scores of young people at a Labor Party camp, showed that he had closely followed the acrimonious American debate over Islam.

His manifesto, which denounced Norwegian politicians as failing to defend the country from Islamic influence, quoted Robert Spencer, who operates the Jihad Watch Web site, 64 times, and cited other Western writers who shared his view that Muslim immigrants pose a grave danger to Western culture...

The revelations about Mr. Breivik’s American influences exploded on the blogs over the weekend, putting Mr. Spencer and other self-described “counterjihad” activists on the defensive, as their critics suggested that their portrayal of Islam as a threat to the West indirectly fostered the crimes in Norway.

Mr. Spencer wrote on his Web site,, that “the blame game” had begun, “as if killing a lot of children aids the defense against the global jihad and Islamic supremacism, or has anything remotely to do with anything we have ever advocated.” He did not mention Mr. Breivik’s voluminous quotations from his writings...

Mr. Breivik frequently cited another blog, Atlas Shrugs, and recommended the Gates of Vienna among Web sites. Pamela Geller, an outspoken critic of Islam who runs Atlas Shrugs, wrote on her blog Sunday that any assertion that she or other antijihad writers bore any responsibility for Mr. Breivik’s actions was “ridiculous.”

“If anyone incited him to violence, it was Islamic supremacists,” she wrote...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

In addition to the Israel-first neocon faction of the Right, I will be interested to see how the Israel-first, Jewish Zionist-owned, pro-war-against-Islam, liberal interventionist Democrat Party reacts to this fellow Zionist-loving terrorist. No doubt they'll spin madly to blame it all on generic "conservatives" -- even though Ron Paul non-interventionist conservatives are the only ones without blood on their hands in this entire, sordid mess.

It's time to stop thinking about Democrats and neocon Republicans as oppositional forces, and stop thinking about neocon Republicans as conservative. Instead, all these warmongers should be thought of as two wings of the same terrorist-inspiring, Zionist-partisan, liberal fascist bird.

Only Ron Paul libertarian-conservatives are untainted by this entire sordid, murderous mess.

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