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Thursday, July 21, 2011

With 171,689 workers making over $150k per year, and at $447 billion this year alone, why isn't federal payroll being cut before Social Security?

Don't Cut Social Security and Medicare Before Cutting the Federal Workforce and Federal Pay and Benefits, Including the Military

(People Are Waking Up to the Great Deception)

...The Federal Workforce Cost the U.S. Taxpayers $447 Billion This Year...

Wall Street has nothing on this administration.
At least $35 billion a year in pay and bonuses — more than $200,000 a year — is going to the 10% of federal workers.

The number of federal workers receiving $150,000 — $3,000 a week — to push their pencils has doubled under Barack Obama as the president pays back all those public employee unions.

They cannot be fired and they enjoy the best fringe benefits in the world.

They are our Overlords.


Civil servants should not be unionized. Republicans should ban all federal unions — and make anyone GS 12 or above a will-and-pleasure employee.

That 171,689 of them now make $150,000 a year — or more — $200,000 a year when those Cadillac fringe benefits are included — is sickening.

That is $16 billion in pay and fringes.

And Barack Obama dares to demonize Wall Street compensation?

It is not all his fault. In 2005, we overpaid “only” 12,399 of them.

If they can do better in the private sector, then let them go.

From Glenn Reynolds: CHANGE:

“Retiring at 62 became law in France on Wednesday, a victory for President Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative government and a defeat for the unions that waged massive strikes and street protests to try to stop the austerity measure.”

But while we scoff at France, let us remember that federal employees can retire at 56. It will take another 17 years for that minimum to rise — be still my heart — to 57.

So who is the fool this time, fool?

Cuts in federal personnel must be made. And they must be deep. And they must be painful.

The government is broke.

This is what bankrupt companies do...MORE...LINK

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