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Friday, July 15, 2011

Ron Paul...All In -- It's now or never against the corrupt Washington machine that is on the cusp of destroying America

Ron Paul's First Campaign Ad Focuses on Debt Limit Debate

(The New American) -- by Charles Scaliger --

Congressman Ron Paul has joined the presidential race again, but with a difference: This time around, there’s no House seat to return to as a consolation prize. The Texas congressman, long known for holding the line on the U.S. Constitution, limited government, and sound economics, has announced his retirement from the House of Representatives, regardless of the outcome of his latest bid for the White House.

Perhaps it’s an early indicator of how seriously Ron Paul is taking his presidential campaign this time around that Ron Paul has already released a fireball of a campaign TV ad, focusing squarely on the debt limit debate and holding fellow lawmakers in both parties accountable for the budgetary mess we’re in. Not that Ron Paul didn’t take his 2008 run seriously — he ended up astonishing Beltway insiders for his ability to raise funds and for the innovative track his campaign took. But one sensed four years ago that Ron Paul himself was a bit surprised at how his campaign took off, fueled as much by the enthusiasm and creativity of his support base as by Ron Paul’s own initiative.

This time around, Ron Paul’s debut ad displayed the kind of slickness that a well-stocked war chest can buy. Crafted to resemble a movie trailer (which credits “Balanced Budget Productions in association with Ron Paul”), the ad reminds viewers that this summer’s debt limit fight has precedents in recent history, in which Republicans agreed to raise the debt ceiling and taxes in exchange for future budget cuts — only to see the budget cuts evaporate. It happened under President Reagan and it happened under Bush I. Now it’s happening again.

The production casts Paul, who opposes increasing the debt limit, as a man of conviction, not compromise...MORE...LINK

1 comment:

ggeorgewashington said...

Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself.
Mr. Paul has not survived in politics for 22 years and maintain the ethics and morality he has by being anything other than stellar.
If You refute the above comment, then I please invite You to listen to him speak about key issues. It is amazing how well he comes across because he doesn’t have to remember lies like other politicians. He understands what is happening in the world and knows how to apply the basic principles of liberty to achieve the real change that America so desperately deserves.
American to American we are all on the same team. So I present Mr. Ron Paul as my Candidate for 2011 and invite anybody to meaningfully and respectfully debate why he is not the best for American and its people in 2012.
Ron Paul = A real change, not for special interest, but for America’s Interests!
Thank You for Your time
Ron Paul 2012