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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

With Obama crashing fast, Bill Clinton picks alternative, "moderate" candidates still conducive to neolib-neocon Parasite Class swindle

Bill Clinton Likes GOP Hopefuls Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney

(The New American) -- by Raven Clabough --

As the list of GOP contenders for the White House continues to burgeon, voters are sizing up the field and picking favorites — including Democrat Bill Clinton. At the Aspen Ideas Festival on Saturday evening, the former President told reporters that he liked Republican presidential hopefuls Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney.

Unsurprisingly, the reasons that Clinton likes the two men are the very same ones that concern potential GOP voters. Clinton commented:
But, y’know, I like the governors: I like Huntsman and Romney. Romney’s a MUCH better candidate than he was last time, because he’s not apologizing for signing the health-care bill. He’s got another creative way of saying we oughta repeal Obamacare, but that’s prob’ly the price of gettin’ the nomination.

Huntsman hasn’t said what he’s for yet, but I just kinda like him [laughter]. He LOOKS authentic — he looks like a real guy [laughter]. I mean, a real human being. I like his family, I like his kind of iconoclastic way. And he was a pretty good governor. And he wasn’t a right-wing ideologue. [Emphasis in original.]
As for Michele Bachmann, Clinton asserted:
Bachmann’s been a better candidate than I THOUGHT she’d be, and I don’t agree with her on nearly anything. But she’s got a very compelling personal story, and she['s] gotta lot of juice, and she turns [on] a lot of those [sic] anti-government crowd. [Emphasis in original.]
Clinton made similar statements regarding the presidential candidates during an exclusive ABC News interview:
The ones I liked are the ones that you think are more moderate. 'cause I think they're a little more connected to the real world. And I think they'll be — they'd be formidable. ... But I'm afraid if I say anything nice about them, they'll lose, for sure.
During that interview, Clinton opined that Jon Huntsman “did a very nice, a good job for America as ambassador to China. I think he’s quite an impressive man. He’s got an impressive family. I had the honor of meeting one of his children once and having a conversation with her. I think that he’s refreshingly, kind of, unhide-bound. Just comes across as non-ideological — conservative, but non-ideological, practical.”...MORE...LINK
Sorry it didn't work out "O." All broken up. Try to work you into our next grift. Always remember: there's a sucker born every minute, 'specially in shabbos goy America.

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