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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After plundering America for decades, two-party ruling class and its lackey Obama say Americans "spoiled brats," demand "belt-tightening"

Obama's people think Americans are spoiled brats

(Telegraph) -- by Cristina Odone --

My high-school years in Washington DC and my husband’s links with an American think-tank bring us regular visitors from across the pond. The latest is a former think-tanker who now enjoys a senior post in the Obama administration. At the outset of her appointment Sally (not her real name) had been high on the kind of change-the-world energy that had fuelled her President in his campaign. This week, however, she’s a burnt-out case, dispirited and scared stiff that she’s cast her lot with a one-term administration. She doesn’t blame Obama, though. Nor, she assures us, do her colleagues. No, the American people are at fault. They’re “spoiled brats”.

Obama’s team sees the electorate as spoiled, rich undergraduates who complain loudly about a prof who expects hard graft, no partying and delayed gratification (in the shape of that first fat pay cheque). Obama’s critics, meanwhile, in a role reversal of the 1960s college campus scenes, accuse the professor of being a loony Marxist bent on destroying the Land of the Free. The resentment is mutual, and increasingly irrational – one in five Americans is now convinced that Obama is a Muslim, while the President is sure that Republicans talk about him as a dog. What little energy is left in the Obama team is being sapped by their frustration that, no matter what they achieve, the ungrateful electorate is against them.

Obama’s lot have a point. Americans can’t believe they should have to go through the painful and humiliating belt-tightening that others around the world are experiencing, because austerity is simply not part of their collective memory...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Don't be fooled by Establishment GOP claims that they regard the American public any differently than does the Obama administration and the Democrats; the entire two party system is comprised of a nest of vipers, and a hostile "elite" that has been systematically plundering average Americans for decades through crony Capitalism, crony Socialism, warmongering, and by engineering economic bubbles, enriching themselves, and then pulling out their investments right before the bubble bursts. The vast majority of Americans are then left with massive debt, and their children fated to debt servitude to the corrupt State, whose string-pullers have ensconced themselves behind gated communities, in high rise towers, or fled to tropical climates.

Americans need to strip the entire crony Capitalist/crony Socialist shyster class of its wealth, use the money to disassemble the federal leviathan, end the wars, institute a system of localism and vouchers, and restore the future prospects of young America.

Anything less is mere band-aid patchwork that will keep America spinning its wheels and digging itself into penury as the corrupt ruling class laughs all the way to the bank.

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