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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Yet another fake "Mission Accomplished" speech on Iraq from yet another phony president

Obama Lauds Fake End to Iraq War as ‘Historic Moment’

Praises Bush for 'Commitment to Our Security'
( -- by Jason Ditz --

August 31, 2010 -- President Barack Obama tonight made his carefully choreographed “end of the Iraq War” speech, assuring Americans that this fake end, as opposed to the other fake ends, stands as an “historic moment” in American history and a “milestone” that “should serve as a reminder to all the world” of America’s military leadership.

Little attention was given to the 50,000 US troops still fighting in Iraq, beyond a vague mention to “transitional forces protecting our civilians.” The speech rather focused on the illusory military victory and included claims that security problems in Iraq are among “the lowest on record,” in spite of dramatically escalating attacks on the ground.

Obama also praised President Bush for starting the war in the first place, insisting that while he “disagreed” at the time with the invasion “no one can doubt President Bush’s love of country and commitment to our security,” adding that the war was a “remarkable chapter” in the history of America’s commitment to providing “freedom” through military force of arms...MORE...LINK


Eric Dondero said...

I know, I know, it's really, really hard for you leftwing libertarian America-haters types to admit, that we actually won a war.

Liberating 35 million people from the totalitarian wrath of the 21st Century Hitler - Saddam Hussein. Not a bad record for George W. Bush.

I'd say Bush is 1,000 times more libertarian than any of you leftwing posers who've infiltrated our libertarian movement. Now scoot. Go away. Stop stinking up the place. Y'all are not libertarians, and we simply do not want you in our movement.

Daily Kos,, Code Pink and ACORN are calling your name.

Chris Moore said...

Eric, you’ve fallen far since your long ago days in the Ron Paul camp.

I know some of you more stubborn and indoctrinated ex-military have a hard time coming to terms with wars for Israel and the concept of a government co-opted by Zionism, but you need to face up.

Zionism is like syphilis -- it affects your thinking and judgment, and will eventually drive you insane. (And Zionist-led Americans wonder why contemporary society is so nuts).

Get treatment, and come back when you’re thinking more clearly. And stop trying to drag the rest of us down to your level.