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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Assailant of NYC Muslim cabbie was a drunken art school liberal, but "hate-crimes" pimping left-liberal media didn't report that

A Convenient Stabbing, an Inconvenient Bombing

(Canada Free Press) -- by Daniel Greenfield --

Wasn’t it nice for Mayor Bloomberg to invite the Muslim cabbie who was stabbed over to City Hall, and for the media to give him the high profile treatment.

But here are a few other New York stabbing victims who could have used that attention and concern. Unfortunately they weren’t Muslims, whom Bloomberg could exploit to score political points.

There was Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax who saved a woman from a knife attack, only to be stabbed himself. He lay dying in a pool of his own blood for over an hour, while people walked by, until finally an ambulance came. Tale-Yax died. And Bloomberg didn’t even notice.

Meanwhile this April, Ricardo Williams and Darnell Morel were stabbed on the Number 2 train. Their stabber, Brenddy Garcia claimed that he had been defending himself and got off. Bloomberg did not invite either Williams or Morel to City Hall. But then he couldn’t have because both men were dead.

Anthony Maldonado was stabbed to death in Harlem. He was 10 years old. That little boy’s murderer was an ex-con who had been paroled. If Bloomberg invited his family to City Hall, no one heard about it. If he apologized for a parole board that let the little boy’s killer roam free, we never heard about it either.

Mohamed Jalloh, a Muslim African immigrant was killed with a machete after a fight in Washington Heights. He was Muslim, but his attacker was Latino. Naturally neither Bloomberg nor the press showed much interest in his death, or lavished a fraction of the interest that they have on our politically convenient cabbie.

Claudia Montoya was stabbed 17 times and had her throat cut. She left behind a 1 year old daughter. Perhaps Bloomberg could invite her to City Hall.

This summer Kelvin Buggs, an off duty FDNY EMT was stabbed to death while trying to break up a fight. Then there was Kirk Holgate, stabbed to death on New Year’s Eve. 70 year old Fumitaka Kurita stabbed by his own son in his own apartment. All awful stories. None of their families seem to have gotten. the Bloomberg “star treatment”

Then there was Naief Al-mateiry, a charming Saudi fellow who invited a 69 year old man to his Manhattan apartment, choked, beat and raped him. Then Naief Al-mateiry threatened him with a knife and forced him to withdraw 1,200 dollars from his bank account. The Saudi embassy offered to cover his bail. His high powered three man legal team painted his victim as a liar who took money in exchange for sex. It worked. Naief Al-mateiry is a free man.

Bloomberg of course showed absolutely no interest in his victim. So take the media frenzy over the conveniently stabbed cabbie with a grain of salt. Bloomberg doesn’t care about stabbing victims. He cares only about the Ground Zero Mosque. Stabbing victims who don’t happen to be Muslim at a convenient time, hold no interest for him.

Regarding the Cabbie stabbing, the knife supposedly used in this stabbing has supposedly not been found. The accused stabber was drunk, and with a history of run ins while drunk. He probably isn’t going to be able to give any kind of accounting of what happened. After Enright’s attack, the police found him sitting in the middle of the street blocking traffic. That does not suggest a man who had much of a clue as to what was going on.

Calling this some kind of premeditated hate crime is a joke. If Enright didn’t have enough sense to flee the scene of the crime, or at least not sit down in the middle of the street, he obviously wasn’t functioning on anything resembling a conscious level. He was dead drunk. It’s possible he could have stabbed a man in that condition. It’s not possible that he could have done it because he read some negative news stories about Muslims.

The cabbie has insisted that he was stabbed because he was a Muslim. That doesn’t add up. Enright was relating to the cabbie positively as a Muslim, by the cabbie’s own testimony. Greeting him in Arabic and asking about Ramadan, is exactly the kind of behavior you would expect from an art school liberal. Unfortunately Enright was drunk. His checkpoint reference suggests he might have thought he was in Afghanistan. Or the real version of events might have been a drunken Enright squabbling with a cabbie over the fare, which would also explain why the partition was open. And until the knife is found, it’s an open question of whose knife it even was.

Enright has become a convenient tool for an Anti-American media narrative. And that’s all that really counts. That he was a drunken liberal who got into a fight with a cab driver, a ridiculously common event in NYC, doesn’t matter. Because this fight turned violent, and it all happened at a politically convenient time. There’s no real evidence for most of the charges against Enright, but again that doesn’t matter, because a politically convenient case means everyone patting themselves on the back...MORE...LINK

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