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Friday, September 10, 2010

Zionists, statist-liberals and State Capitalists want Christendom to fight their wars; to hell with them

(By Chris Moore) -- Vis-à-vis the planned Koran burning event, Pat Buchanan notes some of the ironies and contradictions in America's pathetic War on Terror/War on Islamic Extremism/War Against Secular Ba'athism...well heck, let's just call it what it is: a war against Arabs and Muslims for Israel, statist-liberalsim and State-Capitalism.

Is there anyone who has not weighed in on the Saturday night, Sept. 11, bonfire of the Korans at the Rev. Terry Jones’ Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla.? Gen. David Petraeus warns the Koran burnings could inflame the Muslim world and imperil U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Hillary Clinton declares it “disgraceful.” Sarah Palin calls it a “provocation.” President Obama calls it “a recruitment bonanza for al-Qaeda. You could have serious violence in … Pakistan and Afghanistan,” and Muslims could be inspired “to blow themselves up.”...

For Jones, who sells T-shirts saying “Islam is of the Devil,” may be an Islamophobe, but he is also a serious man, willing to live with the consequences of his deeds, even if he causes U.S. war casualties. The questions raised by his deliberate provocation are not so much about him, then, as they are about us. Are we a serious nation? Is Obama up to being a war president?...

And if Obama does not have the power to stop actions like this, imperiling our troops, then we should get out of this war. This episode reveals the gulf between us and the Islamic world. Despite all our talk of universal values, tens of millions of Muslims, in countries not only hostile but friendly, believe that a sacrilege against their faith, like the burning of the Koran by a single American oddball, justifies the killing of Americans. What kind of compatibility can there be between us?

What do we have in common with people who believe that evangelism by other faiths in their societies merits the death penalty, as do conversions to Christianity, while promiscuity and adultery justify stonings, lashings and beheadings. And what does it say about our ability to fight and win a “long war” in the Islamic world if our war effort can be crippled by a solitary pastor with 50 families in his church who decides to have a book burning?
Most Muslims take insults to their religion seriously, as do Jewish Zionists. Christians no longer do, because they have been inculcated by statist-liberalism/State capitalism that the Christian religion is to be repressed, that it is anti-Semitic, backward and even crazy. No small number of Jews in the West went about creating this impression by utilizing cultural, media and monetary influence, and by utilizing “secular” Big Government as their sword and shield.

Ironically, it is now no small number of Jewish Zionists that are seeking to spark a civilization war between the West (formerly Christendom) and Islam, but who are having a difficult time because today, the West lacks an identity. They are trying to re-invent it as the liberal-capitalist “Judeo-Christian West,” but it’s not really taking hold, because this post-Christian identity is at fatal odds with the general Christian/Western ethos, and the people pimping it seem to want Christian inspiration, but somehow laundered of its Christianity, in order to use it to fight their wars and defend their increasingly schizophrenic, atheist-materialist, money-worshipping and Jew-worshipping way of life.

To hell with them.

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