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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tea Partiers flogging corrupt neocons from the temples of power, and their warped Establishment GOP comrades don't like it

The War on Christine O’Donnell

(The American Conservative Blog) -- by Patrick J. Buchanan --

Is the Republican establishment losing it?

Is the party leadership capable of uniting a governing coalition as Richard Nixon did before Watergate and Ronald Reagan resurrected in the 1980s?

Observing the hysteria and nastiness of Karl Rove and the GOP establishment at the stunning triumph of Tea Party Princess Christine O’Donnell, the answer is no.

This party is not ready to rule.

Consider. In its grand strategy to recapture a Senate that George W. Bush and Rove lost in 2006, the GOP Senate leadership endorsed all its own caucus members for re-election, if they chose to run, then picked out all its favorite candidates for the open and Democratic seats.

Conservatives and tea party activists, however, had other ideas. They began to pick their own candidates. And, again and again, the Senate’s chosen were rejected in favor of tea party challengers who had the endorsement of Sarah Palin or South Carolina’s Jim DeMint.

Arlen Specter was rejected by the Pennsylvania GOP and left the party. Rand Paul routed Sen. Mitch McConnell’s man in Kentucky. Charlie Crist was challenged by Marco Rubio in Florida. Crist, too, departed. Sen. Bob Bennett was denied renomination in Utah. Sen. Lisa Murkowski lost her primary in Alaska to a little-known fellow named Joe Miller.

But Delaware was the stunner. Rep. Mike Castle, a former two-term governor who had been winning elections for 40 years, was a certain victor in November.

Challenger O’Donnell, however, ended all that.

Yet, though her conservative credentials are far superior to those of Castle, O’Donnell was made the object of a wilding attack by National Review and The Weekly Standard, Charles Krauthammer, who lashed out at Palin and DeMint for “irresponsbility,” and Rove, who on Sean Hannity’s show went postal as soon as the returns came in.

Now, on paper, O’Donnell is a far tougher sell in Delaware than is Castle. But her defeat is not certain. Not in this volatile year.

And what is the justification for the savagery of the attacks on her, from her own?

What has this woman done? Did she vote for Sonia Sotomayor or Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court like Lindsey Graham? Did she support the Obama stimulus like Olympia Snow and Susan Collins? What did she do to deserve the trashing?

The answer is not distant.

To the Republican establishment, tea party people are field hands. Their labors are to be recognized and rewarded, but they are to stay off the porch and not presume to sit at the master’s table.

And what O’Donnell did, with her amazing victory, is to imperil that establishment’s return to power. That is why these Republicans went ballistic.

O’Donnell’s conservative convictions and Castle’s social liberalism mean nothing to them. They are about power and all that goes with it.

And that raises a question too long put off.

What is the Republican establishment going to do, what are the neoconservatives going to do, if returned to power?

Are not these the same people who assisted George W. Bush in stampeding the nation into an unnecessary war that got 4,400 Americans killed to strip Saddam Hussein of weapons he did not have?

Are these not the same people who misled or deceived us about Iraq’s role in 9/11?

Are these Republican scribes and senators not the same folks who went all-out for NAFTA and GATT and the WTO and MFN and PNTR for China, those brilliant trade deals that gave us $5 trillion in trade deficits, wiped out 6 million manufacturing jobs and 50,000 factories in one decade, and put us into permanent debt to China?

Are these not some of the same folks who backed the Bush-McCain amnesty and did nothing for 20 years, as millions of illegals invaded America? Now that all America is on fire, they too want to “build the dang fence.”

Are not the National Review and Weekly Standard scribblers and their neocon comrades of the mainstream media not now drumming up another war for Americans to fight, against Iran?...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Not all of the Tea Partiers have yet figured out that “war is the health of the State,” and that the corrupt neocons and establishment GOP use “national security” against “Islamofascism” as the pretext to feather their own nests and advance the Israel-first agenda, but they’re feeling their way there.

We know for a fact that deep down Rand Paul recognizes this, and that Ron Paul is essentially the Abraham of the entire Tea Party movement, so they’ll get there sooner or later.

Of course, the left-liberals and neoliberals who regularly criticize Buchanan, and who are essentially petite neocons doing the bidding of authoritarian liberal-Capitalist Statism (only on behalf of their own warped and misguided agenda) prefer the status-quo more or less the way it is, perhaps with a little tweaking here and there.

To them, we weren’t necessarily wrong to bomb the Mideast on behalf of “democracy,” pluralism, homosexual rights and women’s rights, but we should have simply been a bit more compassionate about the entire process — as Clinton and Albright were.

Corrupt establishment GOPers, neocons, neoliberals and left liberals are all essentially on the same team, giver or take, are all part of the “mainstream” swindle, are all part of and parcel of the hostile elite — and are all part of the problem.


Unfortunately, free trade and open borders “visions” are not uncommon on the neocon and Establishment Right. One part messianic evangelism, one part Zionism, one part globalism, two parts greed. They formulate their world view around a patronizing ambition that is primarily motivated by ego and the money quest, and then back fill with compassionate sounding platitudes to paper over their treachery. They condescendingly dismiss their critics as “extreme” and “unreasonable.” Meanwhile, they and their left-liberal partners in crime have governed the country entirely into the toilet.

The current generation of elite no longer has the moral authority to gamble with America’s future. Average Americans no longer have the time, recourses or even the right to continue to indulge this corrupt elite, who are literally enslaving future Americans into debt servitude with their incompetence and greed.

It’s time to bring the hammer down on any politician who puts their wallets, globalist ideology or patronizing “compassion” ahead of the survival of America’s future. This country is not theirs to piss away, despite their sense of entitlement and delusions of grandeur.

Those that attempt to sabotage or divert reform should be trampled under foot as the enslavers they are.

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Eric Dondero said...

And none of the non-interventionists have figured out that IslamoFascism is the exact opposite of Liberty. Do any of you pacifist/non-interventionist big government types really believe that if we just surrender to the Islamo-Fascists they'll go away and leave us alone?

Non-interventionist = NeoCon

Libertarian = Strong opposition to Sharia Law and Islamic Radicalism which seeks to outlaw Individual Liberty