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Saturday, September 04, 2010

A modern, hostile elite is coercively occupying leadership of the West; our political and social floundering and decline all flow from that calamity

Policing the Elites

(The Occidental Observer Blog) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Just recently Thilo Sarrazin, a director of Germany’s central bank, made headlines because he wrote a book critical of immigration, basically saying that Germany is commiting suicide. He says things like “I don’t want my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to live in a mostly Muslim country where Turkish and Arabic are widely spoken, women wear headscarves and the day is measured out by the muezzin’s call to prayer.” He also thinks that Turks aren’t as smart as Germans (they’re not; Richard Lynn on IQ: Germany=102; Turkey = 90); and he thinks that Jews have significant genetic commonality (also true). (A Jewish spokesman said, “Whoever tries to define Jews by their genetic makeup, even when it is superficially positive in tone, is in the grip of a race mania that Jews do not share.” No need to discuss the fact that Jewish genetic commonality discovered by (Jewish) population geneticists can only be explained ultimately by the fact that the Jews have always had a race mania.)

Sarrazin attracted a deluge of criticism for expressing his views. “The German elite is united in its criticism [of Sarrazin]. Sarrazin is representative of a latent Islamophobia, but one which has not been able to take shape in any political formation as we have seen in the Netherlands and Austria.” Sarrazin has now been sacked because of his views–even though they have nothing to do with his position as a banker; his fate will doubtless be a cautionary tale for similarly inclined others.

It reminds us that the consensus among elites throughout the West is maintained not by force of argument but by brute force, although it’s not uncommon for the media to confidently assert that the facts are on their side. (Time magazine: “Experts reject his argument that innate low intelligence is the culprit.”) Another tack is to gleefully assert that Europe has no choice but to admit immigrants because its birthrate is so low—while at the same time noting that the German government won’t do anything to encourage births because that’s what the National Socialists did: “Crucially, however, the memory of Nazi schemes to promote motherhood continues to inhibit governments in Berlin from urging women to have more children.”

But in the end, elites are not willing to let dissident views simply compete for adherents or let people be exposed to scientists like Richard Lynn who, by any reasonable account, is also an expert. It’s all about enforcing orthodoxy.

The question is how to break through this elite monopoly on discourse on immigration and race. I confess I don’t have a clue. That’s what makes the Glenn Beck phenomenon so pathetic. Here’s a guy who has an immense following of angry White people yearning for leadership that would really help their plight. And all he can come up with is a vague commitment to traditional values and the Constitution. I’ve got news for you Glenn: The only important issue is that Whites are becoming a minority and seeing their political power and cultural influence disappearing. The Constitution will be completely irrelevant when Whites become a minority.

But that’s the thing. Idiots like Beck get exposure on the national media. And if Beck somehow strayed off the reservation and started worrying about explicitly White issues, he’d be gone, just like Sarrazin. He probably understands that...MORE...LINK

MacDonald: “[Sarrazin's sacking] reminds us that the consensus among elites throughout the West is maintained not by force of argument but by brute the end, elites are not willing to let dissident views simply compete for adherents”

Chris Moore comments:

MacDonald is right about the treasonous modern Western elites; they’re the ones holding back the tsunami of self-actualization and pursuit of self-interest for the common man and for the “outsiders” unwilling to play by the Jewish supremacist rules, and using the State and the power of statist authoritarianism as the apparatus to do so. In fact, Zionist Jewry itself can be seen as a metaphor for this treasonous, hostile elite, but is obviously not the only component.

Subversive Jewry, however, along with the modern (pseudo-secular) ideology of globalism patterned on a capitalist version of (de facto Jewish supremacist) Trotskyite internationalism, were the components that turned the native non-Jewish elite against the interests of the People from whence they came, as these Judaized Goy internalized both the idea of the world as their global playground (hence no need for concepts as pedestrian as borders, patriotism, economic nationalism, and ethnic loyalty to non-Jews), the people of the world as their play-things, and the Jewish hostility to the “nativist” locals.

In short, most of these modern Western elites who are not literally Jewish have become spiritually Jewish, and have internalized the Jewish Zionist (supremacist) world view and agenda. In this world view, all other interests must be subordinated to the question of: “Is it good for the Jews?” (e.g. “the German government won’t do anything to encourage [White] births because that’s what the National Socialists did.”) How many other general interests of Western Civilization have been harassed, suppressed and subordinated by the corrupt modern elite because an argument has been made or can be made (usually by Jewry) that those interests have a whiff of Nazism -- whether they actually do or not?

As I see it, the best answer to all of this is to somehow get the reality of the modern, Judaized, hostile elite through to the Western masses -- of all races. Once it becomes clear that the corrupt elite is not working for the People, but rather for itself and Zionist Jewry as an amalgamation, throwing it over, and throwing over neocon and Zionist-tainted weasels that come along on the Right one after the other like Bush, Palin and Beck, will become that much easier.

To me, the key is unapologetic and aggressive offensives against the entire evil Zionist amalgamation of the kind that White consciousness advocate MacDonald regularly produces, but one that includes the concept that America and Western Civilization are generally Christian formulations that are currently under Zionist and spiritually-Jewish occupation. As Pat Buchanan regularly points out, hostile, alien occupations can only last so long, and will inevitably fall...eventually. The West simply needs to figure out that it is under hostile, alien occupation, and the rest will, in time, take care of itself.

Some Whites of the American Third Position variety (an explicit, if vague White-advocacy group/Party that MacDonald is formally associated with) might be skeptical of the race inclusive Christan component of my position, and view it as a Christian “trick.” But even if it was, if forced to choose, would they rather be represented by an explicitly Christian elite, or by a Jewish/crypto-Jewish/ “secular” Judaized-Goy/Judeo-Christian Zionist one? Hasn't the millennial success of Western Civilization made it clear that all races, ethnicities and cultures can thrive under Christendom (Whites in particular) except those that are subversive, alien and hostile?

Additionally, at least (anti-Judeo) Christians have some iron principles, which is more than can be said for the others, and more than can be said for even some White advocates -- for example, some of the White nationalist who, like their racial-Zionist mirror image, seem to be missing an element of morality and humanity that, in time, will inevitably lead to all kinds of opportunistic back-stabbing.

Discussion Cont'd

I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not a White nationalist, and never pretended to be. But I definitely see a confluence of interests between the White consciousness movement, the Christian consciousness movement and the paleocon libertarian movement in taking the country back from the Zionists and their bootlickers.

One problem with hard core White nationalism of the kind that mark spews (whether he’s a troll or not) is that it necessitates the breakup of the country; indeed, it seeks to incite the breakup. That’s (apparently) why mark says “it’s supposed to be inflammatory…”

MacDonald and other White advocates can’t complain that there’s no mainstream White movement intelligently addressing the genuine and legitimate concerns of Whites on the one hand, while on the other hand maintaining a foot in the radical “break up America” White nationalist camp. The effect of this is to fracture the White consciousness movement.

I maintain that the (non Zionist) Christian consciousness, White consciousness, and palecon libertarian movements have enough common interests and enough confluence of opinion to form an effective anti-Zionist coalition. But radical White nationalists are playing the same role in the White consciousness movement as Judeo-Christian Zionists are playing in the Christian consciousness movement, which is to effectively fracture and confuse the grouping. (Incidentally, this is also the same role that the neocons played in the conservative movement before peeling off mainstream conservatism into the Zionist camp).

Some of these “splitters” may be organic, but a good chunk of them are Zionist operatives or useful idiots.

If America ultimately breaks up, so be it. But don’t Whites, Christians and conservative-libertarians owe it to themselves and the country to mount at least one strong, unified, anti-Zionist offensive before throwing in the towel?

I view it as akin to the post-Revolution Russian war between the Whites and the Reds — a war the Whites could have easily won if they had approached it with more intelligence, discipline, appeals abroad, and organization.

And not to be melodramatic, but the way things are going, let’s face it: if we lose this war, more than a few of us who are “out” are dead men. That means “we hang together, or assuredly we will hang separately.”


PeterPan [in article comments]: “USA is the last outpost of classical liberalism and the age of enlightenment. USA is also Zionist, fundamentalist Christian and internationalist in all the worst ways.”
Fallen America is a microcosm of the Capitalist, Zionist and atheist-materialist-Left’s plan for the world, which can be described shorthand as globalism. While superficially at odds with one another, the elite at the helm of these are all frighteningly similar in outlook, attitudes and orientations towards the masses; they see themselves as a kind of international royalty that is destined to rule a borderless, polyglot world, run through a network of elitist “cells.” That is their “vision.” (These cells are not unlike diaspora Zionist Jewry’s cells dotting America, Western Civilization, and many parts of the world; in fact, strong arguments can be made that the entire “vision” can be traced back to Talmudic Judaism, but I won’t go into that here.)

The “enlightened” liberal masses, fundamentalist Christian Zionists, and petite Capitalists are, in many ways, this elite’s tools and useful idiots. It is all of these that the globalist elite appealed to when engineering the Iraq war, for example. But so are the socialists, because getting control of a powerful, central government and leveraging its largesse and police powers to their advantage is how they ratchet up their power.

I consider the globalist elite to epitomize absolute evil, because under the rubric of serving the interests of humanity, their true intention and direction (whether all of them even realize it or not) is serving themselves via the enslavement of humanity (as we are seeing in the outcomes of their enterprises in America and the Middle East).

Thus, the diametric opposite of their “vision” might be considered absolute good.

What is the diametric opposite? A strong-borders nationalism, but one of diffused and decentralized power; local rule, to the most reasonable extent possible; an “isolationist” as opposed to a hyper-activist, internationalist foreign policy; and an extreme, anti-elitism bordering on a culture of anti-Semitism, with haughty Zionist Jewry and its collaborators epitomizing the mortal danger presented by an insider’s culture of conceit, greed, game rigging, narcissism and chauvinism run amok.

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