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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Orwellian, statist war against objective science: Canadian feds demand control over discussion of scientific reports

Canadian scientists claim 'muzzling'

( -- by UPI

Canadian scientists say the country's government is trying to muzzle them, controlling what they say and who they talk to.

Scientists with Natural Resources Canada say they were told this spring they would need "pre-approval" from the office of Minister of Natural Resources Christian Paradis to speak with national and international journalists, Postmedia News reported.

Documents show the rules apply not only to contentious issues but benign subjects, such as floods that occurred 13,000 years ago, Postmedia said.

Under the rules, critics say, Canadians are being cut off from scientists whose work is financed by taxpayers and is often of significant public interest on issues like fish stocks, genetically modified crops or mercury pollution in the Athabasca River...

"It's Orwellian," said Andrew Weaver, a climatologist at University of Victoria.

"The sad reality is that these guys in Ottawa think federal scientists work for them.They don't, they work for the people of Canada," he said.

"This is science funded by Canada for the public good. It is not science funded to produce briefing notes for ministers so they can get elected in the next federal campaign."...MORE...LINK

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