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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Ron Paul badge of honor: Mainstream media mouthpiece for the corrupt, two-party regime despises him

Ron Paul Not Loved By Mainstream Media?

(by Political Crush) --

At this point in the Republican race for the presidency, Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul has run into more of the lack of love for what the mainstream media has shown him. When Congressman Paul won or came in a close first in several of the Straw Polls, the media would focus on anything other than Paul’s wins, diminishing them and focusing on the cookie cutter candidates such as Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

The same was seen when Paul won the California Straw Poll. Had Romney or Perry won it would have been headlines. However, the media shies away and focuses on any tidbit of news from the mainstream Republicans and it is backfiring. The mainstream can’t find detrimental things to say about Dr. Paul so instead they hunt like rabid dogs for any bit of scandalous info of the top players which in effect is rapidly causing them to be less than admirable. The Republican rank and file doesn’t appear to be as stupid and sheepish as has been in the past and are looking toward alternative choices which is sending shockwaves of turmoil to the regular engines of the election process because the press isn’t use to candidates that challenge the press themselves. Reporters like George Stephanopolous of ABC is the worst. His lack of objectivity is so blatant one might not want to trust ABC anymore.

However, surprisingly CBS’ team has outdistanced it’s brethren in covering Ron Paul fairly. What the mainstream media doesn’t realize is that their coverage is being scrutinized by the public who are now more aware of the rules of journalism as more people are blogging and reporting. This will end up as probably one of the biggest sweeps in journalism and ethics in over 30 years since the days of Carl Bernstein and George Woodward...MORE...LINK

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nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan said...

Both corrupt political parties fear him.
All corrupt controlled media fears him.