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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Those who visit here regularly know I don't ask for money unless I need it; I'm asking now -- Chris Moore

I admit it, I've got a problem with greedy people and their insatiable hunger for filthy lucre, believing that if not the root of all evil, money is up there in the top five. On the other hand, I also believe in the free enterprise system, and feel it's the most sensible, just means of attaining a fair and reasonable distribution of long as it isn't corrupted, perverted and distorted by the insatiably greedy of both Left and Right!

Additionally, I'd like to think there is a market out there for unvarnished truth-telling, regardless of how uncomfortable it might make some people feel. Indeed, if one can't tell the truth in a free enterprise system, what good is such a system in the long run -- socially, morally, ethically, spiritually and in all of the ways that truly count?

Please click on the PayPal "Donate" tab to the right, and give what you can. The donation will appear on your statement as to "Chris Moore, editor."

It will help me keep my faith in the free enterprise system, and so much more!

Chris Moore,
Your companion in liberty and truth!

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