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Saturday, September 24, 2011

For the first time, I believe the creaking, treasonous, two-party regime can really collapse; let’s help push it over together

Dear loyal readers of and,

The epic betrayals, rip-offs, and treason have become too blatant and colossal to ignore.

We know 9/11 was an inside job likely perpetrated by Israel-firsters and Judeofascists with the complicity and/or acquiescence of ideologically Zionist elements of the Bush administration, so the guilty neocon wing of the GOP is not interested in uncovering the treason.

We know the Judeofascists have a stranglehold on the Democratic Party, and are forcing it to back Israel and wars for Israel unconditionally time and again, and that Democrats don’t want the Judeofascist role in 9/11 disclosed because that implicates their entire party in treason, as well.

We know even well-intended leftists like Alexander Cockburn and Ted Rall are bent on sweeping the 9/11 treason under the carpet because they don’t want to destroy the American people’s faith in Big Government per their own utopian, socialist pipe dreams.

Additionally, we know that the institutional Left is in on this socialist-fascist Big Government pyramid scheme because the Communist Party has endorsed liberal-fascist Obama for re-election. (So much for claims by the Left that the liberal fascist Democrats aren't authentic Leftists, and that Leftists aren't liberal fascists.)

We also know the totalitarian Left is more than capable of mass murder in partnership with Judeofascists, given the tens of millions they together murdered in the Soviet Union for decades even as left-liberals in the West looked on in silence.

We know that the deal between the statist-left and statist-right is that the right-wingers facilitate and manage the warfare state through “national security” demagoguery, and the left-wingers facilitate and manage the welfare state through “human rights” and “social justice” demagoguery, and that both sides together, in a dysfunctional yet jointly-serving relationship, rob, plunder and bomb those outside of their collaboration in evil with impunity.

We know that just like the Judeofascists, the banksters, via the Jewish-dominated Fed, play both sides against the middle, and will continue to plunder the American people’s hard-earned dollars and credit until the country goes bankrupt because they can, and because they use the fiat currency that they control to buy off the corrupt and treasonous politicians of the two-party regime.

We know all of this, in very small part, because I have painstakingly proven it over the years by piecing together my own work and the work of others like me who realized there was something rotten at the core of American politics, something rotten at the core of organized Jewry, something rotten at the core of ideological right-wingers, and something rotten at the core of ideological left-wingers. I have done this on for nearly 10 years (starting one month after the inside job terrorist attacks of 9/11) and for over five years.

Now, with the Ron Paul movement gaining more traction than ever right along with gains by the paleocon-libertarian-Right, the centrist and patriotic freedom movement and tea party movement, and anti-statist factions of (authentic) liberalism, there is at least a sliver of hope for resistance.

This, in conjunction with the crashing economy that’s a consequence of wars, increasing regulatory and "Homeland Security" totalitarianism, and corrupt politicians selling the country out to Globalism, has made the status-quo more untenable than ever, and we all can feel it.

I’m not saying that leviathan is going to crash tomorrow, or even that Ron Paul is going to win the presidential election (although I’m more hopeful than ever). But what I am saying is that we are in an epochal moment of history, and that this conjunction of 9/11 treason, corrupt Zionism, two party-regime treachery, ceaseless warmongering, all-consuming government, and the crashing economy have formed an historic opportunity to truncate leviathan's evil reign of terror, if only we can "seize the day."


I put out an appeal for funds recently, and was rewarded with donations from a handful of generous souls (thank you Todd, Mal, Alex, Bret, Eric, Kris, Liz, Evan, Jill) one of whom wrote the following:
"I believe in what you are doing, Chris. My guess is that your opinions are not good for your career, and I appreciate people like you who go out on a limb for such an important issue. Keep up the good work."
Sadly, it's true that I'm out there on a limb, and that limb is neither a lucrative nor safe place to be, but I feel I have no other choice, and my regular readers will know why I feel this way.

This is why I need more people to give now and give regularly, and I need those who can afford to give in the higher dollar range to do so.

Give because you know I'm not a scam artist, because you know I will call it like I see it come hell or high water, and because people like you need to make it viable for people like me to keep telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in order to help put an end to the insanity that is consuming this country.

Without you, I don't eat, and if I can't eat, we can all kiss anymore truth-telling I have to offer goodbye.


This evil that confronts not just me, but all of us, isn’t going to go down without a fight, and the historical opportunity might be lost unless leviathan can somehow be hastened into its long overdue grave (by myself and the thousands of others like me toiling away in relative obscurity and poverty) instead of being allowed to hold on for decades (until the country is all but destroyed and your dollars are all but worthless anyway), as did the Soviet Union.

Unless leviathan is somehow truncated sooner rather than later, you’ll be papering the walls in whatever abode you yourself are allowed by the regime with worthless dollar bills.

Again, please donate as much and as regularly as you can, so we can all help dispatch evil leviathan straight into hell where it belongs before it does more damage to the country, its future, your future, and the future of the young that are being given no say whatsover about the hell being created by our evil, criminally negligent, and treasonous two-party regime elites.


Chris Moore

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