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Friday, September 23, 2011

Elite, Anglo-homosexual cultural agenda and insane, run-amok liberalism as much behind war on Islam as banksters, zionists and imperialists?

I am Ashamed to Live in a NATO country!

( -- by 108morris108 --


Chris Moore comments:

The important aspect to remember is that the same forces that have been waging a war against Christianity and Western civilization in the West for decades are also behind this war on Islam.

Most of these are perverts, psychopaths, money-worshippers and schizos who get no satisfaction out of life through normal outlets, and require deviance, sadism, bullying and perversion to get any satisfaction or joy out of life. Why? Because they are defectives...sociopaths.

According to statistics, four percent of all human beings are sociopaths, so if that four percent was to be put in cages (or ghettoized in Israel) all of this insanity could be brought to an end nearly full stop in a very short period of time.

But how to identify the sociopaths? Well, they generally rally around zionism, money, and power, so let's just start at the top and work our way down until we come across someone who isn't insane, and then we can start being a bit more discriminatory.

My hunch is that nearly the entire power elite will have to be decapitated before we finally get to someone with a modicum of sanity, perhaps around the shoulder or chest area, at which point we can perhaps employ brain scan technology to the remainder. It is my understanding that such technology is now available, and capable of identifying those with a predisposition towards sociopathy.

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