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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Liberal fascists' implicit threats of violence silently endorsed at highest levels of Democratic Party

Politics Turns Dangerously Rougher

( -- by Tony Blankley --

Tea Party members could reasonably feel fear of violence from union activists after Hoffa's call to "take out" Tea Party members. Given the history of violence associated with unions in general and the Teamsters in particular (Hoffa's father, also president of Teamsters, is widely believed to have been murdered by fellow Teamsters.) Of course, both the Michigan attorney general and the U.S. attorney general would need to assess the specific statutes to see whether or not Hoffa's words are criminally proscribed. (Yes, I know it is unlikely that Attorney General Eric Holder would follow this suggestion -- more's the pity.)

Whether Hoffa's words are criminal or not, with words like "terrorist," "lynching," "go to hell," and "take them out," the emerging tone of the Democratic Party regarding the Tea Party is ominous. It is the language of murderous violence, and it is targeted at a specific group of people. Most disturbing is the failure of the Democratic Party leaders to condemn such language -- including Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz -- who on national television specifically and repeatedly evaded any comment on Hoffa's statement. No president or other party leader can be held responsible for the utterances of all his political colleagues, nor can he or she be expected to respond to every intemperate word. But when the words are by other party leaders themselves and are nationally reported, a moral obligation arises to condemn such language.

One would have to be stubbornly blind and deaf to the current mood not to sense that the nation is moving towards one of the most combustible moments in our political history. America has had three years of economic hard times, deep, and perhaps, unprecedented national pessimism regarding both the present and the future, angry polarization of political attitudes -- and elements of a senior leadership of the Democratic Party that, by its silence, might seem to be assenting to such imploration. And all of it is happening as we enter an always-emotional national election campaign...MORE...LINK
Ghoulish Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to condemn thug Jimmy Hoffa's threats of violence

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