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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Turkish-American life worthless? Turkish prime minister raises question of whether Obama admin is ideologically racist

Erdogan slams Obama for silence on Israel's Gaza flotilla raid

Turkish premier reiterates Ankara's intent to refer legality of Israel's blockade on Gaza to The Hague, saying the world will see 'who is standing alongside the victims'.
(Haaretz) -- by DPA and Haaretz --

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated on Saturday his country's intent to refer the legality of Israel's Gaza blockade to The Hague, adding a criticism of U.S. President Barack Obama's position regarding Israel's 2010 of a Turkish Gaza-bound flotilla.

Speaking a convention of businessmen in the central Turkish city of Kayseri broadcast live on Turkey's state news channel TRT Erdogan vowed to continue the legal struggle for justice for the nine people killed in the raid.

"We will carry this struggle to The Hague and Erdogan criticizes Obama," the Turkish premier said, criticizing Turkish opposition leaders for what he described as "acting as advocates for Israel."

Erdogan was also deeply critical of the United States position on the Mavi Marmara incident, pointing out that he had to point out to Obama how the attack had left nine Turks dead from wounds inflicted by 35 bullets mostly fired from close range, one of them an American passport holder.

"I asked President Obama whether the reason he showed no interest in one of his nationals being killed was because [the victim] was [ethnically] Turkish - he didn't reply," said Erdogan.

Edogan's comments came a week Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu first indicated that Turkey was to appeal the International Court of Justice in The Hague as soon as next week in order to probe the legality of Israel's naval blockade on the Gaza Strip, saying that Turkey could not "accept the blockade on Gaza."...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Let me help out the Turkish prime minister. Yes, the liberal fascist Obama administration is ideologically racist, which comes as an outgrowth of its ideological Zionism (which itself is innately racist), and the huge over-representation of Jewish Zionists within Democratic Party and left-liberal leadership ranks.

Is Obama himself racist? I don't see how it's possible for anyone to immerse themselves in Zionism and surround themselves with Jewish Zionists and NOT be racist.

We've seen how the Jewish neocons infected mainstream conservatives with virulent racism by hoodwinking them into bloody fights with Arabs and Muslims on behalf of wars for Israel, and Jewish Zionist "liberals" have done the same with Democrats.

So of course Obama isn't going to object to the murder of a Turkish American killed by Jewish Zionists. In the liberal fascist moral universe, the "right" to such a killing is simply part of the natural order; indeed, whenever a "chosen" Jew is allowed to kill a non-Jew with impunity, in Obama's mind, it validates the liberal fascist ideology and order he so sincerely subscribes to, and likely validates Obama himself.

Just because Obama isn't Jewish doesn't mean he can't get validation through the establishment of Jewish supremacy. That's what ideological Zionism is all about: making non-Jews feel comfortable or even good about betraying their own kind and institutionalizing Jewish supremacy...helping them rationalize and moralize their own soul-selling.

And hyper-materialistic liberal fascists are just as willing and eager to sell their souls to the Zionists as are hyper-materialistic neoconned Republicans.

That's the problem with so many of these hyper-materialistic, post-Western, post-Christian and pseudo-Christian Westerners: they simply have no honor and no morals, ethics, or principles that rise above self-aggrandizement and materialism, which means that so long as the Zionists control the purse strings or are perceived to be in control of the purse strings, there are literally no belly-crawling depths to which they won't stoop on behalf of Zionism.

This is what makes lefties, liberal fascists and neocons such lethal enemies not only of Islamic civlization, but of Western civilization as well.

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