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Friday, September 02, 2011

Left-liberal, Jewish, and Anglo-fascist globalist establishment fears organic Westerners indicting their imporation of slave labor

David Starkey: No Refuge in Cultural Arguments

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

British historian David Starkey’s indiscretion continues to rankle among the morally uplifted (“David Starkey’s views on race disgrace the academic world, say historians.”) 102 academics are horrified by his behavior, complaining that
his crass generalisations about black culture and white culturrrre as oppositional, monolithic entities demonstrate a failure to grasp the subtleties of race and class that would disgrace a first-year history undergraduate. In fact, it appears to us that the BBC was more interested in employing him for his on-screen persona and tendency to make comments that viewers find offensive than for his skills as a historian. (See the letter here.)
I suppose it’s fair enough to bring up Starkey’s lack of academic publications on current race relations, although I rather doubt that they would have been disturbed if he had blamed it all on an evil monolithic White culture. In the original interview he mentioned a study he did of rap lyrics illustrating a Black subculture of hyper-masculinity, dominance, and violence. This is the culture he was portraying as at the root of the rioting, both because it is common among Blacks (Starkey explicitly stated it didn’t characterize all Blacks, so his comments are quite compatible with different Black sub-cultures) and because the (relatively few) Whites involved seem to have similar tendencies.

The historians’ letter simply asserts that things are more subtle and differentiated than Starkey represented them without saying exactly how they are more subtle and differentiated in a way that would make a difference to what Starkey is saying. One would think that when attacking a colleague, they might feel a little guilty for not being more specific–that they would feel a need to say what added subtlety would have cleared away all the clouds. I guess the idea is that if moral righteousness is on your side, you don’t have the usual scholarly obligations...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Isn’t it self-evident that Black and Afro-culture is alien and morally dysfunctional relative to the traditional and native cultures of Western civilization? Only a deluded, statist-liberal establishment that exists in an artificial bubble of profound denial (similar to, for example, the oppressive, deluded medieval Church prior to the Reformation) could collectively pretend to believe otherwise.

Saying Black and Afro-culture is different and (from the organic Western perspective) lesser than Western culture isn’t the same as saying that all Blacks should be deported back to Africa. (IMO, they should be approached the same way as Jewry should be approached wherein Zionists belong in Israel and not the West; similarly, organized Black gangsters, tribalists and hostiles belong in Africa and assimilating Blacks of good will should be left alone.)

It is only the alien intellectual and social movement of moral relativism that has been imposed by establishment Jewry, leftists and globalists upon the West that prevents Western people from declaring that Western civilization is superior to Black and Afro-civilization. And how insane is that, that Western peoples can’t declare their own civilization preferable and superior to some primitive, alien culture imported by Jews and money-worshipping globalist slavers from the other side of the world and transplanted into the West for their own particularistic, short-term monetary gain?

Maybe Jewry and the Anglo-fascist globalist and liberal establishment insists we can’t point out that Afro-culture is lesser than Western because the next step is asking around about who the hell was it that brought this violent alien culture here in the first place, and why?


Left-liberals may protest: what did the Left have to do with importing Black slaves?

The fact is, today's left-liberal establishment is on a direct continuum with organized Jewry (which was intimately involved in both the formulation of leftism and with the global slave trade), and additionally with the globalist importation of cheap labor into the West to both appease corporatists and to sustain the massive welfare state, which leftist elites have used to enrich themselves by taking large chunks of the statist largesse for themselves.

I think of leftism, Zionism, and globalism as one massive pyramid scheme designed to enrich and empower a narrow band of self-serving, cynical and morally reprehensible elites pulling the strings behind the scenes of it all. Because so many of these are particularistic sociopaths, they have zero guilt about what it has done and what the are doing to Western civilization, and zero qualms about living the good life today by plundering and destroying the civilization that made the good life possible in the first place.

Violent, tribal Blacks are indeed a problem, but these sociopathic White and Jewish "elites" are an even bigger one.

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