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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How the GOP has nailed its own coffin half way shut, and how authentic freedom and liberty advocates can see that it doesn’t bury them, too

The Republican Party Is Doomed

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

A consequence of the anti-White revolution wrought by immigration is the racialization of American politics. Richard Spencer’s talk at the recent National Policy Institute Conference (now the featured TOO video) is an excellent summary of the case that the the Republican Party is doomed unless it switches to a pro-majority strategy—a topic discussed several times here as well. The basic fact is that around 90% of the votes of the Republican Party are from Whites. Non-Whites—even well-off non-Whites (including Jews)—tend to vote strongly Democrat, while the Republican base is now made up of Whites of all social classes. But as Whites become a decreasing percentage of the population, the Republican Party will inevitably become a permanent minority party as its constituents become a minority of Americans.

The video below features Pat Buchanan and Ron Brownstein discussing this issue with Cenk Uygur, a Turkish-American who seems quite gleeful that the Republican Party is “heading over a cliff.” (It doesn’t take long for non-Whites to see what the game is in American politics.) Again the same depressing statistics on White displacement, along with the projection that Obama could win Georgia with only 25% of the White vote and the point that Obama’s ads are featuring young non-Whites—the soon-to-be majority. Whites are expected to vote even more overwhelmingly Republican in 2012, which could mean that they win some states they didn’t win before. But, as Buchanan says, the Republican Party is doomed in the long run. And,as he notes, it doesn’t make sense for the Republicans to try to recruit Latinos because Latinos want lots of big government programs (not to mention bringing more people like themselves to the U.S., legalizing the illegals, etc).

Brownstein blames Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy of getting Southerners to break their long allegiance to the Democratic Party as the ultimate reason why the Republican Party is now heading over a cliff. But it’s hard to see why Southern Whites would want to vote for anything like what the Democratic Party has become. Even by the 1960s, the Democrats had begun loosening their ties to the White working class in favor of embracing racial diversity, massive non-White immigration and the culture of the left (e.g., the homosexual agenda). Buchanan says the Southern strategy had a “good run”—keeping Republicans competitive for more than 40 years.

Of course, the problem is not that the Southern strategy was necessarily short-sighted. It just didn’t include any attempt to keep the country White. For this entire period, the Republicans have been complicit in the displacement of White America. Their mistake was to think they could still win elections when Whites become a minority—the myopia of a political class focused narrowly on the next election. The really sad thing is that if the country had remained 90% White, the White working class would have been far better represented in the Democratic Party than they have been in the Republican party dominated by globalist elites bent on open borders and free trade, with an occasional bone tossed to social conservatives...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Establishment Republicans are incredibly short-term thinkers, totally blinded by greed.

I’m not so sure all those GOP Judeo-Christians didn’t know deep down that Big Government would HAVE to destroy the U.S. to pay for itself and its pyramid scheme, too; they were just too enamored of all that military-industrial-complex filthy lucre and the prospect of international corporatist profits via the soft mercantilism of globalism fattening their stock portfolios to put the brakes on it. And they also liked the head buzz of pseudo-patriotic jingoism that came with the U.S. imperial-globalist agenda.

Why didn’t less well-off Whites see the writing on the wall? After all, Pat Buchanan has been warning about this for decades. Again, we’re back to Judeo-Christianity. Don’t challenge the establishment, don’t criticize the money-worshippers (you might be anti-Semitic), don’t criticize open borders (you might be racist).

Contrast this with the traditional Christianity of Western civilization which was explicitly anti-Jewish and implicitly anti-money-worship, knowing instinctively that run-amok Jewry and hyper materialism were the two fastest ways to destroy a nation.

The corrupt, greedy elite and its Jewish braintrust turned the U.S into a racket, and now nearly all groups are running their own variation, squabbling over the entrails.


Here are some practical short-term suggestions to patriotic U.S. conservatives, libertarians, and Whites interested in preserving liberty who haven’t already sold their souls:

--Point out the hugely disproportionate Jewish representation at the helm of the Democratic Party by Israel-first Jewish Zionists, note that it is continuing racist wars for Israel across the Mideast, and note that Ron Paul wants to end those wars.

--Appeal explicitly to Muslim-Americans and note that Jewish leadership has directed U.S. Big Government not only at Arabs, Persians and Muslims in the Mideast, but at Muslims domestically, as well, and also domestically at anyone who opposes racist, Jewish supremacist Mideast wars, or Jewish supremacist Big Government policy at home.

--Appeal to hardworking Asians and note that it will be open season on them as well as Whites (as it was during the L.A. riots) when the Big Government left openly declares war on the “bourgeoisie.”

--Note that significant percentages of Hispanics are opposed to open borders and endless immigration for the same reasons that they fled the corruption, crime, instability and chaos in their homelands. Note that the self-serving, machievellian Democrat and neocon Right elites are trying to transform the U.S. into the same kind of tyranny where greedy, cynical and corrupt elites thrive as those from which the immigrants fled.

--A lot of Hispanics are Catholic. Explicitly appeal to the anti-Jewish, anti-corruption character of traditional Christianity, and note that the entire U.S. left is essentially under Jewish control via the Democratic Party, and is abusing that authority in the same way that the Jewish authorities abused Christ.

These are all appeals in accord with the libertarian nationalist freedom movement and its attendant rejection of Big Government, statist corruption, and authoritarian tyranny, both domestic and international.

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