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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A dying Western identity at the hands of internal hostiles, opportunists, careerists and soul-sellers, and how to regain the magic

The Proud and Lonely Road

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Michael Colhaze --

...If someone would have told me a few years ago that one day I were to add my own mustard, as we say in Germany, to a devilish dish called TOO, I’d have laughed straight into his or her face. Because in those days I believed unconditionally what had been drummed into my poor head since earliest adolescence, namely that we Germans were the worst criminals on earth, that we fully deserved the devastation of our ancestral lands and its extensive dispossession, that our victims were angels without wings and business probity incarnate, that the acceptance of mass-immigration was a Christian obligation, that those who dared to utter the cursed non-words Race and Fatherland were blasted Fascists and damned Neo-Nazis and absolute scum and total offal and categorically bound to roast forever in Hell.

Until the moment when an icy little finger nipped at my spine. When the first minute seeds of dissent opened up and began to push through the fat tarmac of a lifelong indoctrination. When I cast, in uneasy self-reflection, a glimpse into my innermost being and realized with silent shock that the monstrous tale of death and destruction had suddenly developed some serious flaws.

Was it already then that accident, or perhaps Destiny, turned me into an intellectual pariah and social outcast?

In those days my acquaintances were still numerous. I had friends whose genuine affection I cherished much, among them a few academics of various vocations. Those were mostly good Christians, well mannered and widely read, and deeply enamoured of our unsurpassed cultural inheritance. They subscribed to highfalutin journals and swallowed the censored blather without hiccup or second thought. Their spacious houses seemed to overflow with wonderful books, classical paintings, a large collection of heavenly music, expensive carpets, a Steinway piano, Chinese vases on the window sill, and damask napkins and silver spoons whenever the occasion permitted. It was always a sublime treat when we sat down by the fireplace with a bottle of French wine and pondered an obscure philosophical statement, mused about the deeper meaning of a beautiful mediaeval canvas, admired the intricacies of an Italian Renaissance villa, found it near impossible to grasp the grandiose and mysterious second part of Goethe’s Faust.

This is now, with a few notable exemptions, stuff of the past.

Once the aforementioned seeds had blossomed into large and poisonous blooms, my perception of Modern History changed so much that it practically turned upside down. Which didn’t happen overnight, to be sure. More like the unhurried but incessant pollution of a guileless well. Because every appalling new fact that could be verified beyond doubt, each ironclad proof that gave in at the knees after a closer glance, every new law that tried to smother unwanted scrutiny, made it inescapably clear that there was something hideous afoot which didn’t tally at all with my benign assessment of mankind’s status quo...

of my old friends few are left. Those who cancelled our bond did so in various ways. By mail, with earnest admonitions and the usual historical claptrap to back them up. By telephone, distressed but unequivocal. By not inviting me anymore to long-standing and very enjoyable social events. By threatening to denounce me as a dangerous hatemonger if I didn’t shut up. By simply ignoring me. By keeping, saddest of all, a superficial contact but growing cold and distant in their feelings.

So what to do? How to tackle a condition which you perceive as totally wrong and unhealthy, yet one that is officially enforced and widely accepted? How to move about in a society that will shun you or even turn on you once you declare it to be rotten through and through? How to protect yourself and those you love without becoming a traitor to your own beliefs?

Helpful is, as always, a glimpse into the past. Because this isn’t a novel situation. History has seen instances where the oppressed, particularly if morally and ethically well grounded, shook off their yoke. Take for example my favourite lot, the Early Christians of ancient Rome.

Their advent happened in an era that shows many parallels with our own. A corrupt and incompetent political caste which considered only marginally the welfare of the masses, but served a gang of so-called nobles who had concentrated most of the empire’s wealth in their hands. The staging of catastrophes, like burning down half of the city and blaming it on people who had nothing to do with it whatsoever. A once invincible army that got increasingly bogged down in costly border wars. Giant media events of the most revolting kind that were performed to keep the mob in line. A collapse of traditional mores and the permission of every sin under the sun, from a public display of the worst possible pornography to officially sanctioned assassinations. And a vacant priesthood that had lost itself in rigid dogmas and shallow formalities.

Small wonder therefore that the Decent Majority, namely those who are of good intentions and wish only to live and let live, began to feel disgusted or threatened and looked for a feasible alternative. Why exactly Christ’s Divine Message could take a foothold in the Greco-Roman world and nowhere else is a facet I want to illuminate with a future article. Right now it suffices to say that it did...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

I’ve been reading about what amounts to the Greek invention of science, logic, and rationalism, and I’m increasingly convinced that Jesus, having been exposed to Greek thought via the Romans, was trying to bring components of the Greek ethos to the Jewish people, only attempting to do it in a language that they understood.

Large segments of the Greeks that pioneered so many Western disciplines were incredibly airy, absorbed, intellectual people that some might call navel-gazers, others might call flakes. It is this culture of abstract airiness that provided them the creative and intellectual breathing room to accomplish what they did.

On the other hand, this “head in the clouds” characteristic ultimately resulted in their downfall, as they were conquered by the more practical, more disciplined Romans. But it’s no accident that the Romans used Greeks as educators and intellectuals throughout the Empire, and themselves became huge fans of Greek Gods and Greek thought.

But it’s also no accident that the confluence of Greek thought + Christian morality + Roman discipline became the glorious Western civilization. In other words, each component brought an essential ingredient to what became greatness, what became a sort of grace and Godliness on earth that, absent the other components, would never have succeeded to the extent it once did, and can again.

Christianity is crucial, but need not be the fixation or the entire central focal point, just as Greek thought is crucial, but we need not pine away for the enslaved Greeks at the expense of the future.

Our obligation is to see that their spirit and essence aren’t systematically destroyed by hostiles and treasonous, Jewry-collaborating, internal moral and ethical weaklings, careerists, money-worshippers and soul-sellers, and to build upon Western magic into something even better, perhaps with a Roman-like discipline and ruthlessness as the bodyguard of it all.

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